Art Based Support Circle

A dot, a line,

a sound mind

We at FoundSpace are a collective of artists, art therapists, and mental health professionals.  By combining our individual expertise, we aim to reignite our connection to the material environment and enhance our sense of well-being through a hands-on approach. Through advocacy and experiential outreach, our team works toward our larger goal of bringing arts to all.

Our Philosophy 

FoundSpace adopts a person-centered approach to affirm each individual's capabilities and strengths. We work to create a safe space where clients can feel empowered to engage in the process of self-discovery. Our artist-therapists act as compassionate facilitators, listen without judgment and guide our clients' therapeutic process so they may uncover their own solutions and gain personal insights. We also emphasize sensory mindfulness using a strong material-based approach, strengthening holistic wellbeing and life enrichment.


A collection of self-portraits

Autonomous motion.jpg

Inner Self, María Royuela Marqués