The self appears in dreams, myths, and fairytales in the figure of the “superordinate personality,” such as a king, hero, prophet, savior, etc., or in the form of a totality symbol, such as the circle, square, quadratura circuli, cross, etc. When it represents a complexio oppositorum, a union of opposites, it can also appear as a united duality, in the form, for instance, of tao as the interplay of yang and yin, or of the hostile brothers, or of the hero and his adversary (arch-enemy, dragon), Faust and Mephistopheles, etc.


Empirically, therefore, the self appears as a play of light and shadow, although conceived as a totality and unity in which the opposites are united.

[“Definitions,” The Collective Works of Carl G. Jung, 6, par. 790.]

A collection of Self-Portraits by artists and non-artists from all over the world. The initiative began in April 2020, when the majority of the world was quarantined due to the pandemic.  

*UPDATE Sept 2020*

Physical exhibits took place simultaneously from 25th Sept 2020 onwards in Art Outreach Singapore and kaTTe Community Bangalore, in India. Images of the event as well as self-portrait contributions from visitors can be viewed below!

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