In this project, we invite members of the public of different generations to make art using found objects and sensorial elements, to reflect and respond to their interpersonal relationship with a selected hawker centre. The artists will then contribute with their response art done retrospectively. These artistic responses by both artist-creators and public-creators will hopefully foster a greater willingness in the community to embrace the unknown and be open to novel experiences. We aim to stimulate the co-makers curiosity and psychological mindedness, encouraging interest in self and the differences between self and others. The outcome of the project will be a showcase of these socially engaged processes and responsive artworks in a site-specific exhibition in a hawker centre.

Hawker Culture

Drawing on the role of our hawker culture in human relations built upon intergenerational psycho-socio-emotional constructs, we aspire to explore the creative and sensory experiences that collectively nurture our shared sense of cultural identity through public art-making engagement in a community. Participants are invited to journey through the traces of verbal or non-verbal cues, as well as kinaesthetic and emotional experiences during art making. 


Materials/objects found in a space embody the histories and felt experience of the space. By using materials found in a community space, the focus is on how the qualities of materials are sensed, felt, and transformed, such that the process may evoke, inspire, and unearth the collective unconscious of the social-cultural experience related to that space. With art materials as food, the community members and artists as “performing” artists, this brief art-making process encourages participants to be at the here-and-now. It provides opportunities for viewers and/or artists to push their limits of willingness to explore and engage with the art-making. 

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Art Based Support Circle

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