Project Memory:
Hawker Edition

Welcome to Project Memory, where we will take a dip into our collective pools of embodied experiences. For our first edition, we are getting our toes wet in the vibrant world of Singapore’s hawker centres.


Our senses are closely tied to our lived memories, and there are few things in life more engaging to our senses than food. Food is the source of our life force, our energy, and our vitality. The mere smell of a beloved dish or even the distinct design of a childhood utensil can send us back in time to a foregone memory. The recipes we enjoy through our lives and the spaces where we feast as a community connects us to each other in the present as well as to our ancestors in the past.

Notably, as we tide through wave after wave of changes in these uncertain times, hawkers have been some of the hardest hit yet they continue to bring us comfort. Join us as we ride the streams of colours, smells, sounds, textures, and flavours that may lead into rivers of personal and intergenerational memories.

Project by FoundSpace, supported by Tote Board Arts Fund

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