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​" I was inspired by the sharing of their Hawker story from the elderly I met during my MA art therapy class on Zoom, so I created fried fishball noodles with fried tofu. I haven't eaten such a dish before but I do love fried tofu. The curry and cumin powder that was used to add colour to the noodles reminded me of Laska which is the flavour I hope to create with this fishball noodles. Talking about food is a great conversation with anyone as it brings out the life and the memories of the person"

Yau Gee Lam, Student (MA Art Therapy)

Yau Gee Lam, Fishball noodles, Flour, salt, water, cardboard and spices, dimensions varied

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​ "This unique hands-on project surfaced several humorous memories of when I first came to Singapore.  I remember one older local gentleman sitting beside me smiling.  He was amused that Ang Mo was able to use chopsticks.  I smiled back and pointed at my belly saying, "yes...when a man must eat, he will find a way." Using the materials provided for this project, I created one of my local favourites, Bak Kut Teh." ​


Ronald Lay, Lecturer (MA Art Therapy)

Ronald Lay, Bak Kut Teh, clay dough, wooden chopsticks, plastic spoon, paper container, dimensions varied

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Our Social Media Community 

Hawker Culture speaks of inclusivity and diversity. It is a place where people from all walks of lif
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Mother and child, kopi painting
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Hawker food gives me a sense of comfort. An influx of new dining spots have entered Singapore in the past few years, dining at the hawker centre grounds me and brings me back to my roots. -Xu Ning

When I was having a meal at Albert Court Hawker, an elderly gentleman at my table was eating Rojak and listening to music on his phone and humming to it. He noticed my foot tapping and increased the volume and smiled at me. It was a bright sunny day, and the preppy song made me want to visit the beach! - Roshni

I remember Papa would buy me 4 packets of rice plus half a chicken. Mama laid down the newspaper. The kids jostling around, together with the adults, we dived in. Mouthful of the fragrant rice and chunky succulent chicken meat. Conversations around. - Shulian

The real reason I visit a hawker centre is not for the food but for the great company... coo! The flocks of pigeons that come to greet me while I sit and enjoy a meal remind me of home where this is a common sight at local eateries. -Simran

When I was much younger my mom used to bring me to the hawker centre to buy me a bowl of warm, sweet tau huay. I used to enjoy it very much while my mom rushes to the market. She will often inform the Tau Huay stall uncle (owner) to keep an eye on me while she goes off to shop. It was such a pleasant community, keeping a lookout for each other. -Buvi

I love wonton noodles


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Elders of Singapore 

We facilitated art workshops with the elderly to honor and celebrate their memories shared with Singapore’s hawker culture through online platforms. Due to the Covid-19 situation sessions were provided through online platforms and residents were sent individually packed art kits. We would like to especially thank the staff of the respected nursing homes for making this possible. 


Mdm Teresa Wan, 算盘子, flour, salt, oil, and warm water, displayed on wooden panels

Mdm Wan created some yam abacus seeds. She kneaded the dough carefully while sharing that this is a traditional Hakka dish made of yam and tapioca flour that takes the shape of an abacus. It is often eaten during the Chinese lunar new year as it symbolizes reunion, wealth, and prosperity.

Mdm Wan suggests that we continue to support dishes like this so that it does not disappear in the hawker scene.

Elders of St Joseph's Nursing Home (STJH)

Elders of Moral Home for the Aged Sick